Now is the time for pecan  pie! 






One down, 🍾 to go!



If You’re Ever in the Area!

I’m getting out of the house more for exercise. 



I love sweets. #DessertsFirst 

Come across #Valet  Once you go Valet, you never go back! 😂 

It was rooftop dining.  Okay.  I’m liking this already!  #YesPlease

Once seated, given two menus: #Cocktails  #Food 

Dessert? Then, comes menu number three!  

🎶 Hit me, baby, one mor time – Brittney Spears


Catch Restaurant 

West Hollywood, CA

🎶 Oh, what a night – Frankie Valli

The food, the service, the atmosphere  #Outstanding

So, if you’re ever in the area,  it’s well worth it!

Oh, and pick me up an order of truffle fries, too! #Delish

This Is the Life 

It’s early and already 70 degrees outside! I need to walk a little every day throughout my recovery, so no time better than the present. 




Marina Del Rey, CA




Homemade Potatoes
Killer Shrimp & Grits



🎶 Oooh, and I like it – I Like It by DeBarge

Happy National Relaxation Day!!!!

Joy & Pain

🎶 Hello! Is it me you’re looking for?! -Lionel Richie


Pain has been a day-to-day struggle.  The pain. There were days I felt like I was an athlete! Running from point A to point B. Point B being a nearby restroom, hopefully unoccupied. Am I going to make it?!   “Not by the hair of my chinny-chin-chin!” (Three Little Pigs)   Full speed ahead. There were times I had to immediately rushed home due to the sudden onset of pain and cramping. I just started to pray   🎶 Jesus take the wheel – Carrie Underwood  #GodAnswersPrayers 

I even became anemic! Passed out at times!  

Something has to change. After months and months of pain, my doctor suggested surgery. #SecondOponion Surgery was suggested #Again.

😭🙃 💔💝


🎶 Joy and pain, is like sunshine and rain – Maze

 Better quality of #Life



I used to say I want summertime off. Well, I got it! 😉





Well wish with fresh flowers on the patio❤️




Lower to the floor for me to get in and out without pain.  Thank you #Aflac


🎶 This is my story, this is my song. Praising my Savior all the day long – Blessed Assurance 


🎶 It’s a new dawn

It’s a new day

🎶 And I’m feeling good 

Am I happy about 2022? YES

Every day I wake up, I’m happy.  And every day is a fashion day, even if chillin-in-front-of-the-fireplace look.  It’s a fashion day!😉





Feeling Good-Michael Bublé 

Rest, Mrs. Betty White 💔

MIGHTY Christmas

“Happy Holidays!” You hear this a lot throughout the winter months November and/or December. It’s a way of being  ‘politically correct’ or socially sensitive to others personal celebration choice.  Whereas many will say  “Merry Christmas!” 

Have you ever thought what does ‘Merry Christmas’ mean? 

To some, it is said to others as a means of acknowledging their own celebration.  It could also mean a time of giving, a time of receiving, a time of rest, family and friends.  To others, it’s more of a spiritual relationship.  

For example, merry means mighty, Christ, mas means more.

I’ve also come to learn Christmas is a reflection of where you are physically.

🎶 Oh Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree

🎶 I love LA




The holidays are always a time of love and peace.  I love the love around the holidays and the peace with nothing to do but enjoy. 

The holidays are also a time of joy.  🎶 Joy to the world 




This is going to be so much fun 😄




🎶I miss you (all)

I’ll Show You Mine If You Show Me Yours 

🎶 U-G-L-Y  P-R-E-TT-Y you ain’t got no alibi! 

You ugly!  Pretty!

You ugly! Pretty!

Yo mama says you ugly pretty!😜


This song was so wrong in many ways, it was go-to trash-talkin’ by cheer teams at School games. The home team crowd would just go wild.

🎶Back in the day when I was young…

Happy #NationalUglyChristmasSweaterDay