Weekly Photo Challenge: Family

The “F” Word
Eeeeeeeeewwww-weeeee! That just chaps my hide. “F” this, “f” that. Enough already. “Family” is so overrated! What? What “F” word did you think I was talking about? =-0
Everybody says family is the most important. Everybody says family comes first. Everybody says you love family unconditionally. Well, that sounds good. Not the truth, though. Truth is you can’t love anyone, much less family, unconditionally. Can they hit you, slap you or cut your finger off and that’s ok with you? Can they abuse you, use you or steal from you and that’s ok with you? Of course not! Well, then! YOU have conditions to your love!

Then, there is the other “F” word? What word could that be, you ask? “Friends.” Friends are like family. You either love ’em or you don’t. Some of them live close to you and some live far away. Some are nice and some are mean not so nice. Some you want to spend all your time being around them and others you want to get far, far away from as possible. Some you share your deepest, darkest secrets with and others you barely say hello. Therefore, friends just like family, are in your life WITH conditions.

When friends throw your conditions our the window so-to-speak, mistreat you or show you disrespect, then they quickly become the “F” word….Foe. Unlike family and friends, you don’t always know them. Some make themselves known to you whereas others hide behind a smile, a handshake or both. They are wolves in sheep’s clothing. It’s like that famous oldie but goodie song They smile in your face, all the time they want to take your place.

Sadly, family or a friend can be your foe. They gain your trust and when you least expect it, they hurt you the most! “They’re family!”, someone, everyone says to you. With the title, foe, you are expected to do wrong. It’s a given. With the title of family or friend, it is expected of you to do the opposite of wrong which is right. Well, family, friend or foe, whatever “F” word you want to use, it just ends up being all the same. So, as the saying goes, keep your friends (and family) close and your enemies (foe) closer. Family, friend or foe, I’m going to treat you all the same!

What’s your “F” word and why?
By authorcherie

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