First Date

While out this weekend to enjoy breakfast at a local restaurant, I’m seated outside at the next available table. To my left was a man and sitting across from him was a woman. With only about elbow room between us, it was almost impossible not ease dropping listening to their conversation. What seemed to be forever ended up only being a few minutes before my food arrived. I take a bite. “Wow. That looks good.”, he says. “It is good.”, I reply looking up from my plate at him. “Yah, I hear they have great breakfasts here.”, she says. As I wipe my mouth from another bite of food, I quickly exchange small talk with them before returning my attention to my meal.
While exchanging small talk, I notice she has a tall, plastic travel mug with a sleeve over it sitting on the table in front of her and he has a tall, clear iced beverage in front of him. OH MY GOODNESS! They’re on their first date! They were a mature couple, between 40-50’s in age, too. Interesting. Let’s see where this goes.
The two of them continue talking to one another and I continue ease dropping listening while I enjoy my meal. Interesting now becomes more interesting. Before I know it, the date is over. Interesting quickly becomes a-w-k-w-a-r-d. They stand up and hug. “Nice to meet you.”, he says. “Nice to meet you, too.”, she replies. He walks off one way. She walks off the other way in the opposite direction. What happened????
I’ll tell you what happened ( after all I was ease dropping listening very well). It was a simple case of ‘Nice weather we’re having!’ versus ‘Why are you single?’ There was obviously no meeting of the minds!

So, on the first date what do you want to know? Do you want to keep it general weather talk or do you want to know details?

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