Monthly Archives: March 2014

W. W. Y. D.?

The color is green. Yesterday that was the town color. Green bagels, green cream cheese, green shamrock flowers, green shirts, green socks, green mustaches, green beer, funny t-shirts: ” I’m not small, I’m lucky leprechaun size” and green velvet cupcakes! Oh, my! I felt like I was off to see the Wizard of Oz.
Green was the color of the day. If someone saw that you didn’t have on green, they would say something to you about it. Or, even pinch you. Say what now? W. W. Y. D.? What would you do? Would you care if you were pinched? Would you get in the game and begin to pinch others? Me? Well, (musical notes) mama said knock you out….Don’t slap pinch me because I am not in the mood. Lol In actuality, I wore green not in support, but in prevention. I just didn’t want to get pinched.

w. W. Y. D.? Would you be an active participant or a player by default?

Daily Prompt: I Believe

I believe in ME! Regardless of anyone else, I believe in ME. I believe actions speak louder than words and last but certainly not least, I believe in my GOD!

What I believe in my heart to be false is when single people say they are happy being single. I believe everyone wants a companion and needs the right person to come into their life. They just may not have met them yet. I also believe in heart the old saying “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but names will never hurt me.” is absolutely false. Words DO hurt! Plus, the hurtful words and pain linger on, too. I also believe in my heart to be false the repeated saying “The way you start (something) is the way you should end it. Not true. What happens in the middle? Does it stay in the middle? The middle is forgotten. Thus, I believe the way you start something is the way you should MAINTAIN IT. And there won’t be a need for it to end.

What Time Is It????

Whether you are running late for an important event, lost track of time, need to make an important deadline or just curious, you hear yourself (or someone else) say “What time is it?” Depending on the reason why the question in the first place, the reaction could be one or two reasons or all the above. I-yi-yi!

Well, this was IS me! I look at the calendar. Oh my goodness! Not only are we in the third month of the calendar year, but we are already into the double digit days! Where did the time go? Let’s see….

There are twelve months, three hundred sixty five days and thirty days in each month right? Wrong. There is no guarantee you will have thirty days within each month. Which means time is slowly quickly ticking away. Tick. Tick. Tick. Before you know it,….”What time is it?!

Scream. So much to do and not enough time!
How do you handle the time clock not getting ahead of you?

Daily Prompt: With or Without You

Family and the holidays generally go hand in hand with one another. Every year I crave my mom’s recipes and my grandma’s favorite recipes for Thanksgiving. Not only do I crave their food, but I can’t wait to pig out! As the years passed, I decided to learn how to cook the famous family recipes for the holidays. I sat down with my mom and made the grocery list, went shopping for all the ingredients and started cooking. Before you knew it, my mom stopped cooking all together and I was now doing all the cooking.

After staying up pulling an all-nighter cooking the night before Thanksgiving, I would pack up all the food Thanksgiving Day and haul it all over to my mom’s house. A few years of that, I was exhausted! I couldn’t take it anymore. So, the following year I drew my line in the sand! I told my family I was cooking, of course. However I was NOT packing it all up and traveling with it to mom’s. I was not leaving the comfort of my own home. I was not. I was not. I was not. This Thanksgiving was going to be at mom’s without me!

I told them. Or at least I thought I did. To my surprise, the family showed up at my house on Thanksgiving! I thought I was exhausted before,with everyone at my house, I was exhausted and beyond! The next year, I went back to the old way. As the famous saying goes, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!” Lol