What Time Is It????

Whether you are running late for an important event, lost track of time, need to make an important deadline or just curious, you hear yourself (or someone else) say “What time is it?” Depending on the reason why the question in the first place, the reaction could be one or two reasons or all the above. I-yi-yi!

Well, this was IS me! I look at the calendar. Oh my goodness! Not only are we in the third month of the calendar year, but we are already into the double digit days! Where did the time go? Let’s see….

There are twelve months, three hundred sixty five days and thirty days in each month right? Wrong. There is no guarantee you will have thirty days within each month. Which means time is slowly quickly ticking away. Tick. Tick. Tick. Before you know it,….”What time is it?!

Scream. So much to do and not enough time!
How do you handle the time clock not getting ahead of you?

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