W. W. Y. D.?

The color is green. Yesterday that was the town color. Green bagels, green cream cheese, green shamrock flowers, green shirts, green socks, green mustaches, green beer, funny t-shirts: ” I’m not small, I’m lucky leprechaun size” and green velvet cupcakes! Oh, my! I felt like I was off to see the Wizard of Oz.
Green was the color of the day. If someone saw that you didn’t have on green, they would say something to you about it. Or, even pinch you. Say what now? W. W. Y. D.? What would you do? Would you care if you were pinched? Would you get in the game and begin to pinch others? Me? Well, (musical notes) mama said knock you out….Don’t slap pinch me because I am not in the mood. Lol In actuality, I wore green not in support, but in prevention. I just didn’t want to get pinched.

w. W. Y. D.? Would you be an active participant or a player by default?

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