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More or Less

Have you ever heard someone say something and then say …”more or less.” For example, I have money, more or less. I have good credit, more or less. I have a boyfriend/girlfriend, more or less. Wait. Huh? I’m confused. What exactly does that mean?

Have you ever heard someone say “Less is more.” Or “More is better than less.” So, when it comes to dating is it more or less that wins? For example, “I’m not tryin’ to be rude, I’m just being real…” (News flash. When you put rude and real in the same sentence, they mean one in the same. Claim it! Don’t be scared). More is not better than less. Contrary to what you say, The more “rude” you are the less “real” others see. In your case, the less you say, the better!

On the other hand, saying less is not always more of a good thing either. “Call/text me”, you say. Or “Send me a message (online), you say. So, I do. And I find myself doing all the talking. Why is that? You say you’re not that much of a talker or that you are a shy/quiet guy. Paaaaah-leeeeeeze. You just don’t have much, a lot anything good to say. Humor me why don’t you?

When it comes down to it, I need more. I want more. I like, love, desire more.

So, more or less what say you?

Deal Breaker

Everyone talks about them. Talk about things they just don’t like and/or things they won’t accept. So, does everyone have them? Are they different depending on the topic? When it comes to a job, we won’t accept anything less than a certain dollar amount. When it comes to the type of car we drive or where we live, we choose to accept certain things versus other things. For example, when buying a car it must have doors, brakes and a windshield all in good condition. We won’t accept anything less. Not having these things means we don’t accept the deal and walk away. Thus, deal breakers.
So, when it comes to love, what can you say you will or will not accept?

I once dated a man who loved to eat meat. Me, not so much. Don’t get me wrong. I like meat, but meat doesn’t like me! I have to respect that as our relationship and move on. So, I eat a lot of seafood. I digress. We once had an argument because “I didn’t eat one piece of meat that whole weekend.” Nooooo. Yes. That was my deal breaker. That was the last straw that broke the camel’s back. Needless to say, we broke up.

What’s your last straw? When it comes to dating, what’s your deal breaker?

Terms & Conditions

Girl meets guy. Girl likes guy. Guy likes girl. Girl and guy become friends. Guy wants to become more than friends. Girl, however just wants to remain friends.
So, what’s a guy to do? Condition #1: He buys her a gift. A birthday gift. What’s a girl to do! You say? She accepts the gift! “We’re just friends.”, she says.
Condition #2: “I know you’ll buy me a birthday gift just as nice one day.”, he says. Yes! Next step, group date night! Girl agrees to go out with friends him.
Surprise. Surprise. The friends can’t make it. Darn. And what-ya-know….It’s a date! That’s what guy tells friends. “We’re just friends!”, girl says to friends. We’re more than friends”, guy replies. Girl is now in shock.
Terms of their relationship: If, then.. If I do this, then she’ll do that. If I say this, then he’ll hear that. Well, hate to tell you this, but actions speak louder than words! Actions ALWAYS speak louder than words! Always!

What terms and conditions do your actions say?