Terms & Conditions

Girl meets guy. Girl likes guy. Guy likes girl. Girl and guy become friends. Guy wants to become more than friends. Girl, however just wants to remain friends.
So, what’s a guy to do? Condition #1: He buys her a gift. A birthday gift. What’s a girl to do! You say? She accepts the gift! “We’re just friends.”, she says.
Condition #2: “I know you’ll buy me a birthday gift just as nice one day.”, he says. Yes! Next step, group date night! Girl agrees to go out with friends him.
Surprise. Surprise. The friends can’t make it. Darn. And what-ya-know….It’s a date! That’s what guy tells friends. “We’re just friends!”, girl says to friends. We’re more than friends”, guy replies. Girl is now in shock.
Terms of their relationship: If, then.. If I do this, then she’ll do that. If I say this, then he’ll hear that. Well, hate to tell you this, but actions speak louder than words! Actions ALWAYS speak louder than words! Always!

What terms and conditions do your actions say?

1 thought on “Terms & Conditions

  1. Well, well, well!
    It’s just a gift and a date, what’s a girl to do. I think we’ve all been there way too many times. I remember letting this guy take me shopping but I couldn’t understand why he kept wanting me to meet his family! It was only a few outfits that he bought me and my friend. Oh wait!!!!!!! Now I see why!!!!!

    I now make my actions and words match.
    A wise friend of mine always said ” they are one in the same”


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