A Plethora of Passwords

Wow! Not only did you give a plethora of misused passwords (which I must say some were pretty funny!), you gave a plethora of information! My brain was on overload, dazed and confused at times. Like, DONT’S of don’t write all your passwords down, don’t email them either, but DO’s of having a password manager online. Huh? Isn’t that the same as a DON’T?
I digress. Thanks for sharing and I am going to share as well.

The Daily Post

There are a number of irritating things experts insist you must do for your own good: eat nine servings of veggies a day; maintain a diverse retirement portfolio; check your transmission fluid every month. Most of us ignore a lot of this advice, because there’s no end to it, and our lives are complicated enough.

As a habitual good advice ignorer myself, I realize that when I tell you I’m here today to talk about passwords, you’ll want to tune me out. But wait! Good password hygiene is more important than flipping your mattress.

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