25 World’s Best Places To Visit

Interesting. I know people who want to travel to foreign countries whereas I find traveling somewhere I don’t know the language a frightening concept. If I can’t speak the language, I can’t understand if the natives are laughing at me or with me.
Thanks for sharing!

Optimistic Kid

While looking at different travel websites I stumble upon a list of cities to visit.  It’s called “25 World’s best places to visit” (link to the list here).  After looking at the list I noticed that I have been to a few places on that list, but I never really thought much about it, I guess what I’m trying to say is, even though I always want to travel I actually had been to places that people dream of going to, but never made me feel like I was in a special place.  For example, I go to San Francisco at least once a year and I always have a good time, but I never looked at it as a place that I would put in such a list.  Same goes to New York and D.C.  Don’t get me wrong, those are beautiful cities but for some reason I…

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