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Reality Check

She’s gotta have it! No, not the movie. Me! I love watching reality shows. The remote, me and previous recorded shows are tight like that! I just can’t get enough, I just can’t get enough! ( I sound like a song; I digress). I am not competitive, in no way, shape or form ( or at least I tell myself that; wink). So, I live vicariously through reality tv.

First up, Big Brother. From day one, Beast-mode Cowboy as he calls himself was in lust I mean love with pretty-girl “…I-wish-I-was fat-so-he-wouldn’t-like-me…”-NOT!-esthetician model (or whoever you say you are) girl “friend.” Oh, you’re so vein. You probably think this blog is about you?!

When cold, Beast-mode Cowboy wore (his ) scarf on his head and (her) bunny slippers on his feet. Hmmm. How did he get the slippers? (Hint: from his “friend”). Then, she used bait ( herself) to get him to eat something he hated, a pickle, in order to have a date with her. Double hmmm. Did he take the bait? Oh, yes he did! Before I know it, the battle of the block is on! He’s teamed up with Regina Belle singing Baby come to me! and she locked lyrics with Cherrelle…I told you twice, I was only trying to be nice….I want a friend….I didn’t mean to turn you on. Hold up! Say what now?!

Next up, Married At First Sight. Oooooh my gooooooodness-gracious! The name is exactly what’s happening in the day and life of three couples. The bride walks down the isle to the groom, hi, hi. Nice to meet you, nice to meet you. Then, bingo-bango they’re husband and wife. Off to the honeymoon, moving in together and intertwining their lives. On the marriage day, one bride pouted like a two year old cried because it was NOT love at first sight. Really. She cried. A week or two later, the two go shopping for new furniture including a new bed. Great! A new beginning requires new things. But, wait. They haven’t consummated the marriage yet?!! Again, say what now?!

Oh, Lord! Help me Jesus! Where’s a preacher when you need one? I know where! Preachers Of L.A. Oh, yeah. That’s right. We were talking about friends. W-e-l-l ! Let the church folks say “Amen!” On that note, I’m gonna go read my Bible….

All are singing (Bruno Mars) I’d catch a grenade for you, . After all (like Justin Timberlake), it’s Not a bad thing to fall in love with me.

Good-googly-moogly people! I feel like Cher. SNAP OF IT! You are being Silly (like Deniece Williams) because they’ve hooked up with Miss Jackson if your nasty (knowing bleep well they are really) singing Let’s wait awhile; I promise I’ll be worth the wait.

Help me out people. Is it time for a reality check or what?

Louis Vuitton’s Petite Malle Pendants

Just like this beautiful piece of jewelry , love is a gift. In essence, it IS golden ( and don’t you forget it!!).

A Stairway To Fashion

Louis Vuitton strikes again, and this time our heart is taken by  the luxury house’s Petite Malle necklaces, spotted at Nicolas Ghesquiere‘s first show as creative director for Louis Vuitton, for the Fall/Winter 2014.15 season. The tiny pendant trunks, in yellow gold and extremely detailed resemble the high jewellery craftsmanship. Now available in stores. Louis Vuitton Gold Petite Malle necklace, €4,500 Louis Vuitton Gold Petite Malle necklace, €4,500 Louis Vuitton Yellow Gold Petite Malle necklace, €4,800

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Field Notes: European Beer Bloggers Conference

Beer AND blogging ?! Stop “hopping” around! Who knew?! I don’t drink beer, but sure wanna start! I want to smooge with best of them! How about a Mimosa Meet-up Blog Conference? A Got Wine? Blogging Conference ? Oooooh ! Oooooh ! Or, for those non al-kees, how about a soda pop get together at Galco’s Soda Pop Stop, the oldest place you find any and all the soda you remember growing up in Los Angeles area, California ???? Again, I want to smooge with the best of them! I mean, drinking and writing is probably when you do your best work! Right? LET’S DO THIS!!!

The Blog

Automatticians, the people who build, participate in events and projects around the world every day. Periodically, they report back on the exciting things they do when not in front of a computer. This week, editor Ben Huberman shares his experience from the annual European Beer Bloggers Conference, an annual gathering of brewers, beer lovers, and bloggers who are one or the other (or both).

One of the best aspects of my work is that I get to interact with bloggers on a daily basis, whether it’s in an email to a Freshly Pressed blogger, the comments section at The Daily Post, or the Blogging U.Commons. Still, meeting WordPress users in real life is a particular pleasure. It’s a real privilege to see the faces and hear the stories of the people who bring our software to life.

This year’s European Beer Bloggers Conference was held in pint-obsessed Dublin, Ireland. The…

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