Silver or Gold

Friends. How many of us have them? Friends. Ones we can depend on.. What about you? I like to believe I have thousands of friends on Facebook, twitter and Instagram . While I have been called a social butterfly, I can make friends easily. So, yes. I have a lot of friends, literally

and figuratively

In actuality, however, I have just a few close friends. One has always been by my side, one my right hand and one keeps me in my right mind. Who’s a real friend?, you ask. Well, a real friend is…

I’m not saying to beg and plead for people to be your friends.


Keep it movin’.

Nor am I saying to nit pick over how you believe they hurt your feelings and find 50 Ways To Say GoodBye.
Instead, if you have a true friend in your life, Hold On to them. People come and go, but true friends are few and far in between.
So wether you’re friends literally or figuratively, I’ve learned

Make new friends, but keep thee old. One is silver and thee other’s gold

. 😊


Which friend are you?

Friends ( Whodini)
Hold On (En Vogue)
50 Ways To Say GoodBye (Train)


5 thoughts on “Silver or Gold

  1. Hey there “friend” 🙂 enjoying your blog..and so glad we have a common friend (the Lord) that makes us even closer (sisters)…keep up the good work and can’t wait for not only the next blog but your next book 😉 now in your famous words “let’s do this!”


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