Go Fish!

I used to love playing this card game. It’s such a simple match game and so much fun! Making someone “go fish!” By picking a card from the main pile made me feel like Beyoncé. Who run the world? Girls! Yup. This girl.

Now-a-days, I’m “gone fishin’ ” as much as I possibly can! For example, I went fishin’ at Kings Fish House…LOVED IT! They have shrimp taquitos! Whaaat?! Never heard of them, you say? Me neither, until this weekend! Can you say d-e-l-i-c-i-o-u-s?! Delicious is not even the word! I liked them so much, I ordered another dish to go! And once the drinks beverages came, I was delightfully entertained.


Or do you know the answer to this one…


Wait. There’s more…..


Afterwards, up in the club…


Lol (to infinity and beyond!). I can’t stand it. Hilarious!

QR’em or look them up @ http://www.kingsfishhouse.com

Question: Where have you eaten and had unexpected fun? Why?

1) Billy the Squid
2) Wasabi
3) Drop it a line


2 thoughts on “Go Fish!

  1. My new favorite place to eat is Sun Cafe in studio city.
    It’s a vegan/raw vegan restaurant. The joy of his place is that they can make any meal vegan. My favorite dish is the raw vegan nachos.

    Yes, I said raw vegan nachos, made on slices of jicama, topped with guacamole, tomatoes and raw vegan nacho cheese. Oh wait don’t forget the raw vegan cookie dough cheese cake. Dang it. I just made myself hungry.


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