I, too read this O magazine issue with 20 Questions Every Woman Should Ask Herself Part 2 (I need to find and read Part 1 as well😗 ).  ‘Have I Made Peace with My Past’ ( number 19) caught my attention like you,  number 10 entitled ‘Do I Enjoy My Own Company?’ caught my attention even more.  I started to ask myself that same question!  My answer was yes.  Yes I do!  Just like the article, me and myself have/had so many shared interests!😊  That led me to the last question, What’s In Store For My Future?.  Hmmm.  Right now, I don’t need to get FAR AWAY for a SECRET RENDEZVOUS with  the “perfect man.” 

Right now, I’m just LIVIN’ FOR THE WEEKEND. 😊 Beyond that, hmmm.  “Go with an open mind “, the article says.  Ok.  My future holds adventures and people I have yet to dream of meeting, seeing, greeting or being! So, to answer this question I say to you time will tell….Sing it O’Jays Livin’ for the Weekend 😄. Well! Well! Well!

Facts of Lyfe

I recently read an article in O magazine the other day,
titled Have You Made Peace With Your Past? It stuck in the back of my mind for a couple of days.image

It made me think. Is there something in my past that I’m holding on to? Or, has my past shaped me into who I am today? I would say, a little of both. There are things in my past that I didn’t want to let go of, because those memories have brought me joy when I was down, after reading the article, I think it’s time I let go and create new memories.

There are also things in my past that were not so wonderful, but those things have shaped me into who I am today, an educator. a mentor, a health coach, mother and wife.

The gist of the article was, our past changes when our perception…

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  1. I believe my past has shaped me into the young woman I’ve become…I definitely can say I’ve made some choices that were not that smart and even made memories with people that I thought I would still have in my life today but aren’t..I look at some of those situations as lessons learned and some I could have totally avoided if I would have listened to some great advice I was given… but the fact is (and sometimes its hard to feel this way) but I’m thankful for my past and the choices I’ve made because I wouldn’t feel the way I do about some people and some things in life if I wouldn’t have made my share of mistakes and learned from them


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