My Kinda Guy!

Sorry Chocolate….

He’s got you beat 😊  He’s my kinda Guy!😍. I feel like Pretty Woman!😉

Question: What’s “your kind” of mate?  What makes you & them the perfect match?

8 thoughts on “My Kinda Guy!

  1. I personally prefer chocolate women. Sweet and tasteful 🙂 Can’t live without chocolate in my life and my cereal.

    That featured image though. A rare man indeed to say such a thing.


  2. The hubby and I are a perfect match for several reasons…..we balance each other out, we’re willing to put up with each others flaws unlike anyone else, we bring out the best in each other but most importantly we have the common denominator (the center of our marriage) the Lord Jesus Christ… He helps us to stay together through thick and thin…. and allows us to feel connected even while we’re miles apart right now… my kind of mate is the man the Lord has truly blessed me with…I thought I knew what I wanted growing up but the Lord totally exceeded my expectations 🙂


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