You Better Recognize 

I love music!  Any kind of music….

Do you know what this is a picture of?  Do you recognize it?  Well, if you do then nothing could be far from the truth!


April 11th a.k.a. (also known as) National Eight Track Tape Day is here to stay. Yes, I said “National.”  If you don’t, you better recognize!😃

Long live the eight track tape (and the eight track tape player!). 

I love, I love, I love , I love , I love music!

Question: What do you love and wish would/could be long-lived?  Why?

I Love Music ~ The O’JAYS 

4 thoughts on “You Better Recognize 

  1. Old video games lol….Super Nintendo, Nintendo 64 were my favorites…I loved playing them when I was younger and have some great memories staying up late playing with my brother 🙂

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