Were You The Best Choice Or The Second Choice?

Being the best or second, yes is a choice. It’s a choice of settling or satisfaction. Where does your happiness stand? You can settle on satisfaction or be satisfied in your settlement. The choice is yours. Age may be nothing but a number, but I am not the one, two or three to fall in line. I always choose to be THE BEST. So, if I am not THE BEST, like someone once said, I “Keep it movin.”

mind JO business

Hey nosies!

A few weeks ago I turned 30…the big 3-0…flirty 30…dirty 30…doomsday. I’ve heard hundreds of people talk about 30 being a turning point in their lives. This was the year that I would evaluate all of my past mistakes and then spend all year trying to fix them…great .

Sure enough, like clockwork, I felt myself overwhelmed with reflection and regrets.  And seeing how I had just gotten out of a relationship (or the closest thing that I’ve ever had to one), the lack of love in my life was the first regret triggered.  Here I was, at the peak of my adult life with no possible “anyone” to start a future with.

Being the Taurus that I am, my brain immediately went into solutions mode.  How can I fix this?  How can I flip the script?  Hell…who could I recycle?  Like a torpedo, all of the men that I’ve ever dated came…

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