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Happy National Lasagna Day!

I must confess, me & PCW used to have a thing,
http://www.brandeating.comPopeye’s spicy chicken wings that is😉 #HappyNationalChickenWingsDay!

But, today.  Today is a new day!

Today is National Lasagna Day!

Homemade Lasagna 😍
Homemade Lasagna 😍 #HappyNationalLasagnaDay!

Can you say “Yum!”  #OHYES!

Moscato Wine anyone?
Moscato Wine anyone?


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#Words Crush Wednesday

In honor of my cousin Carolyn’s recent passing


and in in celebration of words crush Wednesday, no words (of condolences) crush hurt just the same .  I’m in Heartbreak Hotel by Michael Jackson.  😪  I need a drink!

Aaaaahhhhh! I want to take a different route.  L-O-V-E (LOVE) by Al Green.  Sing it Preacher Man!!! 

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What day is it?!, you say?  🎵 Ooh Child.  I’m not one to gossip, but  🎵 I Heard It Through The Grapevine (by Marvin Gaye☺️ ) that not only is it Wednesday (#humpday!), it is also Words Crush Wednesday #wcw  #Ihearditthroughthegrapevine 😃 

So, get up onto your 👣 and 🎵Dance To The 🎶 😃


It’s Wednesday!  That means it’s words crush Wednesday #wcw, or I like to call it “Write-on📝 (echo📢) crush Wednesday 💯😛

My favorite go-to-upbeat-get cha-out-of-your-seat-dance song is I’ll Take You There by The Staple Singers.

Oooh the 🎶, the 👗👕👖, the 👢👞 the 💁🏽! #1970’s 😄 #Illtakeyouthere

And let’s not forget “…Love, peace and soooooouuul”😄 #SoulTrain 

Let’s get our boogie on 😃

Soul Train Line – The Staple Singers – I’ll Take You There – YouTube

#Back In The Day 

Lisa,, let’s go back. I’m talkin’ #Back In The Day.  When it comes to Wonder Woman,   I’m talkin’ the original brick house 😉. I’m talkin’ superhero themes of all themes, Yes! I’m talkin the original Wonder Woman, the more-to-love (wink! Wink!) girl herself! I’m talkin’ 
 Lynda Carter herself! . She’s got boobs, she’s got hips! That’s my girl right there!😃 lol. Get your photo shoot on, my friend! Do it!