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The End or the Beginning?

Summertime is supposed to be a time for fun, sun and lots of rest and relaxation.  This was not the case for me this summer.  This summer, this summer I expected all that.  However, what I got was far from it.

For the first time, I was bullied at the workplace by my fellow peers and colleagues.😳 I couldn’t believe it.  Bullying, you say?  Yes, bullying.  When you are  strongly influenced or encouraged emotionally, physically , financially to say or do something someone else wants you to and definitely not what you want, that’s bullying.

🎵 No matter the attack, I won’t turn back;  this means war–this means war

i just kept a smile on my face and  “Kill ’em with kindness” approach😄  When they would frown, I would smile.  When they would smile, I would smile from ear to ear.  I brought inimage

I had midday pick-me-ups 24/7 image

🎵 But I’m singing all is well.  No matter the attack, I won’t turn back; this means war–this means war

A-n-d, never let them see me sweat.  On the very last day, I gave every person on my crew aimage

with a note saying ” Thank you for being a part of my team this summer!”😜

📢🎵 And I am telling you, I ‘m not going….and you and you and you, you’re gonna love me! 📢😛

This experience was definitely an eye opener for me.  It made me remember meeting a young lady name Jade Acher, Founder of J.A.B. “Jade Against Bullying.”

She and her mom started this organization because “at an early age of 9, she was the target of bullying by her classmates and peers.  Over the next few years, this would cause her to spiral into a deep depression and at the age of 12 she attempted to take her own life.”  Family, friends and a school counselor intervened and today she is able to share her story with everyone.

So is this the end or the beginning?  I say it is the beginning to an end AND an end for a new beginning 😀

Bullying is no joke.  I took a JAB at it and, like Jade, was able to overcome it.  I took the pledge NOT to bully.  So should YOU.

War by Charles Jenkins & Fellowship Chicago

And I Am Telling You (Dreamgirls) by Jennifer Hudson

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My Girls

With the Fall season approaching, I’m making NEW FRIENDS     (😄), I almost forgot about ALICE.

ALICE, Look ICasual Encounter, is my up-and-coming-go-to-gal. 😃.  She’s got my back; she’s got sol. 😉

🎵 Can’t stop how I feel (can’t stop), I’m diggin’ on you, you diggin’ on me, we diggin’ on we😍
In honor of National Mail Order Catalog Day, you’re right ALICE.  It is all in the details 😉.  Thanks, girl.

so, Lynda, after you get your WORK OUT OF THE WEEK (😄) on, SAM, KIM & ALICE, My Girls, we got you!!!😜

Can’t Stop by After 7

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New Friends

I’m making new friends.  It’s a must.  It’s inevitable.  Right now, SAM is my girl!  No. Not Stupid A** Man I once dated (YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME?!😉), but my Sit And Mode girl.  Or, in this case, my SAMS:



My Sit And Model Shoes😊  Don’t get me wrong.  I love my  girls!😍 But in honor of National I Love My Feet Day, August 17th, KIM is my new found friend.  See, Kim is my Keep It Movin’ go-to-girl.  Or, in this case,


My Keep It Movin’ go-to-shoes😉. With this heat, we are tight 💯 tight!  She is my boo!!!😄

A pretty pedi always willing and able makes it all good, too.  Other days, when a more dressy versus casual look is needed,


steps into help😉  

So, in the wise words of my youth image


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Just Today!

Great pic! With my good read book in one hand and my summer adult beverage 😉 in the other, I imagine myself right there, honoring the day as National Lazy Day and enjoying it for “Just today.”

Facts of Lyfe

Just Today

Just today I realized that today is all I need. Today doesn’t look like yesterday nor will it feel like tomorrow.
Have you ever sat in the moment and convinced yourself that yesterday was the worst day of your life, or vowed that tomorrow will be the day where everything will get better? Don’t waste Today trying to forget about yesterday or how you will defeat tomorrow. Appreciate today for its existence.
Live life with no regrets. Just today.


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Let The Happiness Begin!

In continued celebration of National Happiness Happens Day,

Madré's Famous Mac&Cheese. A fan-fav request by all, from me to you!
Madré’s Famous Mac&Cheese.
A fan-fav request by all, from me to you!

Let the happiness begin 😃

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Small World

Recently, I was a guest at wedding.  Love is a beautiful thing, I tell you.  A beautiful thing.

After the wedding was the reception.  Upon arriving at the reception hall, walked inside and who did I see?  I saw a client of mine.  As if turns out, it was his hall.  SMALL WORLD! 😀

🎵 Getting to know you…. That’s what you do at receptions  parties, right?  As I was sitting at my table doing just that, well what-a-ya-know! Here walks up my banker!  SMALL WORLD!

We hug, laugh and start to catch up.  “Are you still writing?”  “Actually,  I’ve been selling my books so much that I haven’t  had time to write.”  I’ve sold out of the first book and had to restock!” 😃 “Nice!”  “…In fact, I just went out of town for a family funeral…”  He offered his condolences; thank you 😔. “….And I sold two books there!” 😛 😂  “I like your hustle!”, he said. #lol  I see you!  I see you networking! So, right back at cha😉  Right back at cha!

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