November 5th

Not only is November 5th National Doughnut Day,

(LOVE Krispy Kreme Doughnuts!!!!)

And National Love Your Red Hair Day, 


It is also National Men Make Dinner Day😃

Well, alrighty then!  So, men do what you gotta do 😀

The men took my dinner request,

The men served me dinner

And you know what?  I gladly ate it😀 

  Grilled Salmon   Scallops 

  Mushrooms  Sautéed broccoli 


  Yes!  That’s my name on the menu!!!!

🎵 Happy birthday to me  



my favorite 


November 5th was indeed HAPPY for me!  Thank you Craft! 

 If that’s not AMAZING ENOUGH, receiving a private tour into the  kitchen, meeting the dinner chefs, the pastry chefs and even meeting the owner himself!!!! SIMPLY AMAZING!

And thank you to YOU 😊 Thank you for ALL THE LOVE!


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