🎵 Love, so many things I ‘ve got to tell you.  But, I ‘m afraid I don’t know how because it’s a possibility you’ll look at me differently. Love…. 

 I wake up every morning to love.😍  A smile on my face, a pep in my step and fuel for starting my day right.    It’s a beautiful thing!  

🎵 Here I am, baby. Signed, sealed, delivered, I ‘m yours😊

But, wait! Where are my scones?!!!


🎵 Joy and pain, is like sunshine and rain .  

What am I going to do?????😗  

 Oh, yes!  I’m going to be ok.

That’s love. You have highs and lows, ups and downs, and joys and pains.  Embrace it and bounce back. That’s how you grow and learn. 

🎵 It feels good yeah, it feels good , sure feels good to me  😄
Signed Sealed Delivered I’m Yours ~ Stevie Wonder 

Love ~ Musiq Soulchild

Joy and Pain~ Frankie Beverly & Maze

Feels Good ~ Tony! Toni! Tone!

Question:  What do you love? Why?

2 thoughts on “Heartbroken 

  1. I love A LOT of things…from the Lord to family and friends to food (:-P)…I also love this section of the year we are in from the beautiful fall leaves to the cold winter nights (warmed up by a cup of hot chocolate)…and lastly I love memories that I have made over the years from living in Cali (where I meet my shoe loving friend 😉 ) to being temporarily in SC to now living in WA…I LOVE LIFE!!

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    1. That’s right!!! Lol You love it, I love it, too! Now, if you had to pick one food item that you could eat all day-every day, what food/love would that be????? Right now, mine is scones! If you think about it, they have everything in it from most (if not all depending how you make ’em) of the food groups!!!! I’m covered 😛


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