The Love

Do you know what today is?!😀 

  It’s National Hard Candy Day!  

Growing up, my grandpa always had candy in his pocket.  Specifically, butterscotch candy. 😉 Grandpa would greet me with a smile, laughter and a hug. Then, he would reach down into his pocket and pull out a few pieces of candy.  Oh, the love I had for that butterscotch candy!  And oh, the love I had for my grandpa for giving it to me!😍

My grandpa may not be around for me to smile, laugh and hug, but oh, the love!  #TheLove The love is forever 😊. And the butterscotch candy, too😛 

Want one?

Question: Do you have a favorite childhood hard candy and why?

2 thoughts on “The Love

  1. Mine was now&laters. I would get a dollar from my mom and she would say keep the change. So I got to share her now&laters and some change. That made for a great day.

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