Bah Humbug?!

“Bah, humbug!”  What is this ‘Bah, humbug!’ you say?
 For example, if someone says to me “Your reindeer sweater is ugly?”  I would say to them “Who You Callin’ Ugly?!” 😳😗😂  They don’t know what they’re talking about!😜 And if I received such reindeer sweater wrapped in
  I would open it up and say “Your comment is obviously pure humbug.”😀

The word itself means deceptive or false talk or behavior; deceive or trick
   But, wait!  I see the British have a different meaning 😀
 So, in honor of National Humbug Day, I say “Aaah , humbug!” 😃

 And also in honor of National Crossword Puzzle Day, December 21st,
 The Love continues!
#TheLove  #December21st  #ILoveYouGrandpa  #AlwaysWill   #MyChérieAmourTheAuthor 

Question: What do consider humbug and why?

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