Close Enough 

🎵 Do you know what today is?

Yes, it’s TGIF 😀 #ThankGodItsFriday 

And yes, it’s a three day weekend 😃 #MLKweekend

But, it is also National Strawberry Ice Cream Day #Iscreamyouscream #weallscreamforicecream😄  

Oooh!  It’s pink.  It’s white.  It melts in your mouth and it’s yummy in my tummy.  Close enough 😛 

What a great Friday gift!


4 thoughts on “Close Enough 

    1. To my surprise, I spent my weekend with a little R&R, resting and relaxing. I had BIG plans! Big shopping plans, but my body said “Not today!” Lol Which is why the reason for the delayed response. My apologies. Sometimes you just have to take heed. New weekend, though, 🎵 ready or not, here I come!😉

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