It’s Soul Food Y’All

I had some business in town this evening.  Afterwards, #hunger.  

So, decided to try some local food. SWEET MO’S!  What’s Sweet Mo’s?  “IT’S SOUL FOOD Y’ALL.”   (And that’s what the sign says😛)  #cool

A bar front seat sitting inside while looking outside through bay style windows on an given day open up with a full porch screen covering. #shoofly  #eatinpeace 

I ate catfish with black eye peas and cabbage #pot liquor and cornbread.  Oh! And #koolaid    Can you say #mmmmgood #yum  #sugarhigh  #childhooddrinkmemories It was good.  Scratch that.  It was #gooooooooood.  That’s what I’m talking about!  

Love the food! #soulfood #prettyplate #fatandfull

Love the music #oldschoollove  #dancewiththewall #thatsmyjam  

Love the desserts  #gotbrowniebuttercake  #lastpiecegone  #missedit  #comingbackforit

Decided to take a piece of vanilla cake home instead. 

Thanks Mo!


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