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So Sweet

🎵 How sweet it is to be loved by you… 

 Arriving at  

 I’m pumped! 

   Some were 


 hahaha  I just  

 So, I got my 
 And my goodie bag 

with my 


And so I had to gear up for  

 with a sweet shirt, shades and a hat!  I had to represent!!!

But, first I need fuel  

 Breakfast Rissotto 


 Steak and eggs


Rustic Root Restaurant 😀  Yes?

Noooo! I think I’ll save that for later. Now is time for  

“Chocolate made me do it.” 😛  Aaaaah.

I got my  map

 (By the way, did you see …)

 Son-of-a-sweet-eater!  All are only available on the long run!  That’s ok.  You’re all mine next year, sweeties!  Next year, it’s on!  Lol

Today, right now, let’s do this! 

  Look at all these people in front of me and behind me! WOW. 
 🎵 Ah, push it! Ah, push it!  

 🎵 Push it real good !

Nice theme music! So, I pushed on.  

 Mile 2 within reach, but what do I see right before it? 

 our cheerleaders!  (I took a side view pic on purpose to blurr their faces) There were girls holding pieces of paper up to the windowwith words like “DON’T SLOW DOWN ” and “FASTER”, etcetera  for all of us to see.    It was a beautiful thing!  Thanks, girls!  I needed that!  

🎵 I’m too hot (hot damn)….Don’t believe me, just watch  

Here I come 

Oooh!  Look 

 Right before the  

🎵 Keep on with the force, don’t stop. Don’t stop ’til you get enough 

Channeling my inner Fred Sanford, I’m comin’ for ya , Honey  

Congrats, you are awesome!

 🎵 Here we go again.  There was, yes past tense! Lol, a cup of hot chocolate in the middle,  gluten free and dairy free melted chocolate on the side in the small hole and dipping goodies in the bigger side, such as a banan, marshmallow,pretzels and long, thin cookies. YUUUUUUUUP. YUM.


 well done everyone! Well done.👏

 Next year, you’re mine 😍 
Question: What is your most recent sweet reward? 

How Sweet It Is to Be Loved By You ~Marvn Gaye 

Push It ~ Salt-N-Peppa

Uptown Funk~Mark Ronson feat. Bruno Mars 

Don’t Stop ’til You Get Enough ~Michael Jackson 

Here We Go Again ~The Isley Brothers 



Rippin’ and runnin’ all day, the night has come.  Night light is Date Night.  We’re in L.A. in front of

No. Not that hammer and nails.  

 Hammer & Nails, a nail shop for guys?!! I am ALL for it.  I love a man that is well groomed! 🎵 My, my, my!  My, my, my!  You sure look good tonight 😉 

By this time, I’m at the crossroads of hunger and starving (from hunger)! 😗 I turn around and what do I see?!
   Crossroads Kitchen.  Cool. Let’s do this!  We walk across the street and into the restaurant.  After a few minutes , we’re seated
  (without reservations, I might add).  Nice. 

Next, we’re greeted by our waitress.  “Is this your first time here?” “Yes.” “Welcome.”, she says and begins saying “….we’re a total vegan restaurant….”
Say what?!  Oh, boy.  What the heck.  We stay and give it a try.  After all, there’s always drive-thru on the way home. 

We order our food and I’m so hungry, I just dig in when the appetizers come. 

 🎵 Oops! I did it again 😛 Taking pictures after the fact of my plate. It was good.  

Now the main course…


And dessert, of course  

Not bad.  Not bad at all.  Who knew?! I enjoyed it a lot. The night wouldn’t be right without 

 for today, March 14th,  National Potato Chip Day! 🎵 Oh, happy day😄 

Question: What’s your crossroads and why?  I’d love to hear about it!

My, My, My – Johnny Gill 

Oops!…I Did It Again- Britney Spears 

TMI Revealed 

So, I asked the question  “Name a topic that’s just ‘too much information’ on a first date?”

(originally aired January 21, 2026 on….
 Top eight answers on the board
 What do you think the answers could be?????!

( In my Steve Harvey voice)…Survey says:  

 Sadly Josie (, your “baby mama” date had number one, four and number eight covered!!!😳  Oh, S.A.M. You called it Lynda Faye (, you called it. Given enough time, he may have touched on all eight!!! Maybe even thinking a second date was knockin’ at his front door????😗 Let all the church say it with me “Welllllah!”

Question: Did you guess right? Are you surprised? Why or why not?

Question: Are you a giver or receiver of the top eight on the first date???? 

Please share. Inquiring minds  mind of mine wants to know!😉 

Book It!
Did you get your Dr. Seuss read in today ?!  Green eggs and ham was my favorite growing up.  Oh, The Places You’ll Go is my new favorite 😀. Dr. Seuss books are just like love, dating and relationships ….#smiles  #fun  #laughter  #tears  #herewegoagain  #lol   #Happybirthdaydrseuss

Q: What’s your favorite Dr. Seuss book?


I love me some
  It’s real talk, real people and real life!  And, sometimes the people give Too Much Information!  TMI, ya’ll!  I can’t help but humor myself watching it, though ! 😂 

So, let’s play!  (inquiring  minds, Well, actually this mind😜 , wants to know…) What do you think??????
 Aired on January 21, 2016

Question: Name a topic that’s just “too much information” on a first date?