I love me some
  It’s real talk, real people and real life!  And, sometimes the people give Too Much Information!  TMI, ya’ll!  I can’t help but humor myself watching it, though ! 😂 

So, let’s play!  (inquiring  minds, Well, actually this mind😜 , wants to know…) What do you think??????
 Aired on January 21, 2016

Question: Name a topic that’s just “too much information” on a first date?


6 thoughts on “TMI

    1. Oh, yes. S.A.M. I am gets no love from me! Get to steppin’!
      On the other hand, my girl SAM, Sit And Model, is a totally different story. “Red bottoms ” SAM , well that’s my girl!😛


  1. I had a guy recently break down his entire “baby mama drama” with story details. It was way too much for me and turned me completely off. He even went into specific scenarios of how he secretly conference-called one of the mothers with the other one on the line. Seriously?! Please don’t tell me stories like this on a first date…or ever.


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