TMI Revealed 

So, I asked the question  “Name a topic that’s just ‘too much information’ on a first date?”

(originally aired January 21, 2026 on….
 Top eight answers on the board
 What do you think the answers could be?????!

( In my Steve Harvey voice)…Survey says:  

 Sadly Josie (, your “baby mama” date had number one, four and number eight covered!!!😳  Oh, S.A.M. You called it Lynda Faye (, you called it. Given enough time, he may have touched on all eight!!! Maybe even thinking a second date was knockin’ at his front door????😗 Let all the church say it with me “Welllllah!”

Question: Did you guess right? Are you surprised? Why or why not?

Question: Are you a giver or receiver of the top eight on the first date???? 

Please share. Inquiring minds  mind of mine wants to know!😉 


5 thoughts on “TMI Revealed 

  1. I don’t see an issue with talking BRIEFLY about your kids. But, I’m usually light hearted on a first date. I’ll coach myself into calming down the entire day. 😂 I’m all for jokes and sarcasm. Do not overload me with information argh. I’ll run or just stare at you lol.

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    1. Lol I say everything in moderation. But, what’s brief to you might be a novel for someone else. How do you stop information overload? Yawn? Fart? Spill your drink…accidentally on him????
      Oh, I don’t know! Just somehow change the subject! Lol


  2. I’m SUCH the receiver, unfortunately. I despise these conversations on a first date. I want to talk about things related to our personality, likes and dislikes, funny memories, etc. I think phone conversations are okay to talk about some of those other things early on though

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