13 Recipes Made With Easter Candy

Who knew?!!!!

Agatha Chocolats

Tis the season…for RobinEggs, Marshmallow Peeps, and those luscious Cadbury Creme Eggs. Going down the seasonal aisle is like visiting long lost friends. Some from last season, some from childhood. As a kid, these treats were rare.  And they wouldn’t make their debut till Easter morning.  Jelly beans and robin eggs scattered on the surface of my basket’s filler. But the real prizes sunk below. Digging through the plastic straw was like a search for buried treasure. And the real treat was finding one, unwrapping its pastel foil, and devouring it before breakfast.

Now, as an adult, I have the luxury of buying these nostalgic treats the day after Valentine’s Day. Some, I nibble on throughout the season. Some, I use in mouth-watering recipes. And others, I wait to unwrap on Easter morning, rejoicing in a lifetime of memories—one treasure at a time.

Enough of the sap… Dig out…

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