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Sweet Feet

🎵 Percent combination! Love + you and me!😍

Agatha Chocolats

I Scream. You Scream. We all Scream for…



An artist atShoe Bakeryis creating fashion dripping with flavor. Covered with mock fudge, sprinkles, and even a cherry on the top, these sundae inspired shoes look good enough to eat!

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Just Can’t Get Enough 

The day has come and gone, but it’s not over! 😄   


From Chicago (my girl, Ms. Josie😉 to L.A. (Love you Nyallah M. Noah! 😄) and everybody in between, I just can’t get enough 

Neither can you because the orders keep comin’😃 🤗   Yeah!

I have enjoyed autographing each and every book, no one the same!  

Thank you! Thank you so much! 

  Keep the love comin’. Like McDonald’s I’M LOVIN’ IT! 😄

 I look forward to autographing your book  

 or books, 

  too! 😉

Just Can’t Get Enough~Depeche Mode

Y-E-S, Yes!

Step 1…  


Step 2…  

 Step 3… 
 Steps = SUCCESS 😃😛✔️👍👏 


I Got You Covered!

Rain or shine, the show must go on!  And…. 

 I got you covered!👍. You’re book YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME! and YOU HAVE LOST YOUR MIND!, written and autographed by yours truly, My Chérie Amour😄, is good comin’ and goin’.

So, come one.  Come all!  Booth #953 @ the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books on University of Southern California (USC) campus, Saturday, April 9th, 2016.              10am- 12 noon….YES THAT’S TOMORROW!!!😃


See you then!

Salted Caramel Day- Extreme

I can’t even say how good this looks! Love, lust AND run to it!😜

Agatha Chocolats

Back to Back Caramel days… I’m not even complaining.

imageToday’s indulgence comes from the creative folks at The Carousel (recipe).

Salted Caramel Popcorn Chocolate Cake

Popcorn on cake?  I warned you it was extreme. But, it is a holiday after all. 

The most challenging part of the recipe?  Not devouring all the popcorn before it makes its way to the top of the cake.  Enjoy!

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I’m Gonna Make It Happen 

🎵 I’m so excited and I just can’t hide it. I’m about to loose control and I think I like it 😄

Come one, come all to  

 this Saturday, April 9th, 10am-12noon, Booth #953, where you will see me, yours truly!, My Chérie Amour, showcasing my first official book debut and book signing. 

Mark your

This day!  Come show your support! Get your autographed copies 😉 

 SATURDAY , APRIL 9th 10am-12noon, USC campus, Los Angeles Times Festival of Books, BOOTH #953.

See you then!!!