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Goals Versus Methods

Wise is as wise does….

Booky Glover

⭐Be stubborn about your goals, be flexible about your methods.


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Are you ready?

Time to

And wah-la

Beauticians bring out the beauty in you 😄 Thank you!

Happy National Beautician’s Day!

Cat Got Your Tongue

Nooooo! Not
I’m talking about

🎵 Do you know what today is?  YUUUUUUUUP . It’s national catfish day 😃

Thank you Fish Bone! Mmmm mmmm good 😉

Happy National Catfish Day !😊

Oh, fudge!
🎵 Do you remember…😊

Happy National Fudge Day!  

Mmmm, Mmmm GOOD.

There’s fudge bars, fudge cake, fudge pops, fudge candy, fudge sundae!  It’s, it’s, 

Remember the Time ~ Michael Jackson