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Starbucks Mocha light Frap

And at night 

Coffee Bean Iced Coffee

MAAAN (Morning, Afternoon, And At Night), gotta have my coffee!!!!






Got Milk?

As a kid, I loved milk!

Chocolate milk!  

Made with the good stuff

LOTS of Hershey’s Syrup and little milk. 😛

Or, at school

So, when you went to the store with mom you had to have

Oooh!  Those were the days! 

Now a days, I wonder…
The answer is YES 😃 

And when not working out
The lighter side, though
Go ahead and crush it

And drink chocolate milk.  It does a body good 😉 





Triple D

What a day….

That’s how it all starts.  Growing up, I remember coming across my mom’s personal diary when she was a teenager. I was a teenager at the time and was definitely interested in its content. I opened it up to a journal entry in which my mom called my grandma a cow. I couldn’t help but laugh.  At that time my grandma was visiting. Well, my laughter was not received well by my mother or my grandmother. Ut-oh! I’m in trouble. “Go to your room!”, my grandma said. I looked at my grandma, looking at my mother! I swore I just stopped breathing.  And a few seconds later my mother got up and went to her room!!!! I fell out laughing uncontrollably. I couldn’t believe it. She, my grandma, made my mom, her grown a#* daughter, go to her room in her own house!!!!  “Grandma you need to visit more often!!!”, I said in between laughter and tears. 😂 

So, whether it is


get to writing!

But, whatever you do, please don’t label it

Or label it

Or try to

for, just like my mom it will be found! And used against you. The way I see it, I feel it was used for MY better good. Lolol

I say write it and then ashes to ashes, dust to dust, 🎵 let it go! Let it go…