Monthly Archives: November 2016

Love Overboard 

🎵 Love overboard 

Oh, my love’s in need of help 

Love overboard 

Sure can’t help myself 
Love overboard 

I don’t know what to do 

Love overboard 

So in love with you 

Aaaaaaahhhh! Sing it Gladys!

Thank goodness for you…

It’s a beautiful thing, I tell you! A beautiful thing 😄

Love Overboard ~  Gladys Knight & the Pips

Question: What is your love overboard? And why?

Love’s Got a hold on Me!

🎵 Ice cream 

And cake 

Susie Cakes
Yes! Love’s got a hold on me!


Gotta get ready for love 

Ford’s Fueling Station

🎵 oooh, love to love you, baby 

Parkway Grill

Oh, yes! Love’s got a hold on me!

Birthday love is the best. love. ever!

Thank you for the love!

Question: What is your best love ever? And why?

Dem Bones 

Dem bones, dem bones….Diy Pretzel Marshmallow Bones from Pinterest Pretzel Marshmallow Bones, dipped in white chocolate,  from Pinterest.

Make no bones about it….  Well, actually I did make dem bones!  

That’s a “sweet” relationship!😄 

Happy Halloween!

Question: Are you currently involved in a “sweet” relationship? What? The why?