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Rise & shine! It’s #EatIceCreamForBreakfastDay 😄 

I wake up, look online to see when my favorite ice cream shop, #ColdStoneCreamery, opens. I find a shop across town that opens at 10am. Cool. Let’s do this!😉 

I’m on it. Get dressed, jump into my car and off I go. When I arrive, the shopping center is packed with cars. Dang it Starbucks! I pull in and what-a-ya know! A person is pulling out of a parking spot right as I turn into the lot. Perfect. Got my parking spot. 

🎵 I’m so excited. Once I park, I walk towards the front entrance with a smile on my face. Hmmmm. What shall I get???? Goooood Morning Cold Stone!😍 As I get closer and closer, the store hours catch my eye. Saturday 11am?! Me and two other people agree….NOOOO. OOOOH! YOU’RE COLD! 🎵 Cold blooded

Open. Open. Open. 11am. Finally. “Come into the Cold.” Well, I don’t mind if I do. 😃 

Once inside, I decided to make my own creation:

Skinny Vanilla Ice Cream with Reese’s peanut butter cups  a-n-d, caramel 😄 

Aaaaaaahhhh! YESSS. #EatIceCreamForBreakfastDay. They say breakfast is the bedroom meal of day. I agree😂 

Then , I see 

Don’t mind if I do.😄 





Biggest Fan 

Do you like surprises?! Me? I love surprises! Well, surprising me by scaring the crap out of me, no. Surprising me by taking me on a date to a haunted house so I hold onto you tight, negative. Surprising me by pinching me on St. Patrick’s Day because I’m not wearing green, double negative. Be prepared to be surprised yourself with a strong high-five on your face! So, do I like surprises? ONLY the good ones 😉 

I come home and to my surprise😄 is a big box waiting for me. Chérie, do you take this box, to have and to hold, from this day forward until death do you part? I DO.  Mr. Box, do you take this woman, Chérie, to have and to hold, from this day forward, until death do you part? Mr. Box was smiling at me😊 Open! Open! Open! So, I do!  😄 

It says from the 

I open and open and continue to open to see

#surprise indeed! Do you see my shock face 😳😳😳😳😳  It’s got my name on it! 😆Oooooohmyyyyyygooooooodness, it has my first book cover on it, TOOOOH! ( bottom right in case you missed it 😉)

This is from my #biggestfan  (apparently!)  What?! I mean, huh?! #YouHaveGotToBeKiddingMe?! WOW. 

To #tshirtquiltcafe, you are MY biggest fan!




Question: What’s the best surprise you have ever received? And why?

Three Times the Cake 

Week two. Still feeling the pain of my gum infection. #Boohoo

So, what’s a girl to do?

Bake! 😄  🎵 Baby come to me. Let me put my arms around which was meant to be 😍 🎵 You look good to me! 

 Ooooh! 🎵 Do you see what I see?!  Frosty glass! I couldn’t even wait for it to come out of the oven! 

 Kathy, K E Garland Blog, so sorry I started without you. Actually, I take that back. I started with you in mind. I cut a piece for you! Guests first. 😉 Then, a piece for me and another piece to taste-test. A true hostess baking the mostest has to taste their food before serving, right?! #ThreeTimestheCake 😄  Breakfast, lunch and dinner. #ThreeTimestheCake  #NationalToothacheDay

Sing it with me “Three times the c-a-k-e!!!! Lol

Monday Notes: 3 Lessons from a BFF Breakup

What’s your definition of friendship ? Are you that type of friend???

K E Garland

I usually can’t write about something, unless I’m completely over it. That’s why I have about 6,000 notes related to breaking up with my bff and no posts about it. Ever since June, I’d try to begin my thoughts. Each time, I produced nothing.

But this time, I’m doing it.

We were friends for a decade and a half. Fifteen years is a long time. We’d friended our way through childbirth, divorce and international relocations. If you’ve been friends with someone for this long, then you know the laughs, tears, secrets, and experiences that can accumulate. There are too many to count.

That’s why breaking up was difficult. I felt its dissipation at least three years ago, but I thought it would pass. I figured if I gently expressed my new journey to her then, she would understand and join me. That’s not reality. Everyone cannot walk beside you on…

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Loving You

Last month, the weather and I were not friends. As soon as the holidays hit, I was hit with an infection.  Then came the sinus headaches. With a blink of my good eye, I was down for the count with migraines one after the other. 
And just when I thought I could see 🎵 somewhere over the rainbow, I now have an infection in my gums from my sinuses. Good grief.

🎵 I can’t eat, I can’t sleep anymore…. I wish I didn’t miss you anymore 
But, I do! 

Homemade biscuits 😍 🎵 Ready or not, here I come.

 I make a batch, then I have to taste-test ’em. Before I know it, they’re all gone! Ut-oh.

 🎵here we go again…. 

Now,  I gotta make another batch because I taste-tested ’em all, right into my belly! 

Well, them plus 

Aluh kcupang coffee hot chocolate

I’ll take it!  🎵 loving you is easy because you’re beautiful 

Oh, and Josie girl, Mind JO Business Blog, I got this 

and a spot on my sofa waiting for you. Sharing is caring, right?!😉