To The One Who Claims I’m “Acting Brand New”

🎵 Giving him something he can feel…


The day that I became content in my solitude was easily the best day of my life.  Not because I retired my desire for love or a relationship; but because I no longer sacrificed my dignity and happiness to be in one.

Does this mean that my latest attempts at dating have been seamless?


[insert laughter and glass of wine here]

Clearly God still plans his vacation time around my dating life.  What I can say is that any lapse in judgement I’ve had while dating, has been in an attempt to please myself rather than someone else.  And that, my friends is what I call progress!

No longer am I compromising my needs for the sake of an uncommitted party.  With that being said, please allow me to reintroduce myself to my ex who claims:

1| It’s not that deep.


Quite the contrary sir; dating me is deep (or…

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