Looking Good 

National Day Calendar
Let’s be honest, #NationalHonestDay, hairstylists make us look good.

 🎵You look good to me. Why thank you!😉 

Hairstylists, for all you do, this day is for YOU.

You Look Good to Me ~ Cherrelle 

9 thoughts on “Looking Good 

      1. Keep tryin’! Start with complimenting someone’s hair and ask them who does their hair. Then, contact them for an appointment. When you like them, make it a regularly monthly appointment. It’s gonna happen! 😄 Keep me posted!

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    1. Oops. As I was saying. My mom had two heads of hair with two totally different textures! And my sister was tender headed. So, my mom just sent us to the beauty shop young. As a kid, I didn’t like sitting so long. Now as an adult, sitting so long gives me time to relax, read a little and breathe. I also like the pampering! And it keeps someone gainfully employed! Lol It’s a win-win. 😉

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