Let’s Get It Started 

🎵 Toot, toot! Hey! Beep, beep 😂 

🎵 Do you know what today is? #NationalPizzaPartyDay

I had this delivered today to the staff

🎵 They call me Big Papa 😂😂 

And this one for me 😉 

So, 🎵 Let’s get it started in here 😄




12 thoughts on “Let’s Get It Started 

      1. Oooooohmyyyygoooodness . Me and shrimp are BFF’s ! lol Love shrimp! I love meat, too but it doesn’t love me. 🎵I’m all cried out over you. Lol So, I had to let that relationship go. 🎵 Bye, bye, bye. Lolol

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      2. Oooh. Yes to scallops!😉 I love the smell of meat! I read a book entitled ‘Eat Right For Your Blood Type ‘ and meats were not good for my system, especially chicken. I thought the author was crazy because I loved chicken! If not for shrimp, I used to be able to eat chicken all day, everyday. But, once I stopped I felt so much better. It’s just me and seafood now.

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      3. Good. Eat it for me. Lol
        Yeah, check it out. It was from years ago. I don’t remember the author, but that’s the name of it. I did find it helpful in other foods, too. Like grains. Even if you don’t do everything it says, it is very informative and interesting.

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