I Could Get Use to This!

Road trip to 


for business.

Renaissance Charlotte




Thank you! Pleasure doing busy with you!

Now it was time to see this beautiful city with Cindy, her horse, Jacob, and her dog, Iggy.

#lovedit  😍  #thankyou 😃 

So, of course, I had to take out my 

Best Buy

and take pictures.  #NationalCameraDay

Well, my #camera actually looks more like this


Question: Do you know what is this machine??? What does it do????

I especially enjoyed a nightcap @

Hidden Valley Resort
Why do they call it The Clock Tower restaurant??? Because 



And ate the Apple crumb Tart


#WISH it was this big! Lol 

It wasn’t. It was an individual serving size, served with ice cream, berries and caramel drizzle. (Sorry. I ate mine before I remembered to take a picture 😗).

  #OOOH #SooooDelicious #Ificould  #iwould  #everynight 


And my second all time favorite was posted on #Donnas door…

#Hilarious  #TTWMK   #thanksDonna   #LMAO

*EVERY person’s name is automatically entered to win a $100 gift card raffle! 



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