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Stick It To ‘Em!

Did you know there is a National STICKER DAY?!

There is!!!!


StickerGiant, a promotional sticker and product label company based in Longmont, Colorado, created National Sticker Day in 2015 to celebrate all the fun stickers bring to all ages. The Registrar at National Day Calendar® declared it will be observed on January 13th, annually.



National Sticker Day on January 13th recognizes all the ways stickers brighten up a page or send a special message. The day celebrates all things stickers, from the custom printing of them to sharing stickers. Every sticker has a story.

Historians credit the European merchants in the 1880s as the first to stick labels to their products, in an effort to promote their goods and wares to passersby.

These savvy, pre-industrial entrepreneurs used a gum paste to get the labels to adhere and, well, stick: hence “stickers.” By the 1900s a sticker-specific paste had been developed and was widely used, most notably on stamps, which dried and then would re-apply when moistened.

The observance is in honor of R. Stanton Avery, who was born on that day in 1907. Avery was the original creator of the adhesive label with removable backing.

Here’s my day!   Thanks team for playing along with me!




🎶 Let’s do it again 




Let’s Do It Again~ The Staple Singers

January 5th

Question: Did you know January 5th is the number one online dating day?!

Answer: YESSS. Yes it is!

Question: Did you know the best peak time is 11 p.m.?

Answer: YESS. Yes it is!

And did you know 1 out of 3 marriages are a result of online dating?!

YESSS. Yes it’s true.


So, I have one more question for you. 

How did you do?! 😀