The Secret

Oooohhh! #Cabbage

I would see this side dish on restaurant menus and would become so excited. #YesPlease

However, when it was brought to the table from the server, my smile would turn upside down the second I would look at it. “Excuse me, what’s that?!”, I would say pointing to the bowl and thinking I was saying it nicely. #SorryNotSorry “That’s cabbage.”, they would reply. Plus, I’m a visual eater, so I did not like what I was seeing. “That’s not cabbage.”, I would say. All the while thinking That’s not my grandma ‘s cabbage!’  It was swimming in a pool of liquid, and soft.  Basically, boiled AND soggy.  Again, thinking ‘That’s not my grandma’s cabbage!’

So, I stopped ordering cabbage at restaurants.

One year for thanksgiving, I stayed up late to cook with my grandma. I was extra excited because I loved my grandma’s food! She didn’t have recipes for me to follow. She just had her eyes, hands and knowledge. #Thanksgiving #CookingWithGrandma

That’s when I learned the secret! Grandma #FriedCabbage #Whaat #WhoKnew #NowIdo

And I add some #TurkeySmokedSaugage  Now side dish to  a meal😃


Happy #NationalCabbageDay



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