If You’re Ever in the Area!

I’m getting out of the house more for exercise. 



I love sweets. #DessertsFirst 

Come across #Valet  Once you go Valet, you never go back! 😂 

It was rooftop dining.  Okay.  I’m liking this already!  #YesPlease

Once seated, given two menus: #Cocktails  #Food 

Dessert? Then, comes menu number three!  

🎶 Hit me, baby, one mor time – Brittney Spears


Catch Restaurant 

West Hollywood, CA

🎶 Oh, what a night – Frankie Valli

The food, the service, the atmosphere  #Outstanding

So, if you’re ever in the area,  it’s well worth it!

Oh, and pick me up an order of truffle fries, too! #Delish


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