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YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME! That's exactly what I said after each date. So, I wrote a book entitled the same. But, wait. There's more! Thus, the highly anticipated sequel YOU HAVE LOST YOUR MIND! was born. The things we do all in the name of love! Let's talk about it here on my blog at and please visit my website at

What I Like About YOU

🎡 What I Like About You…

1. Take the day off


2. Check into a hotel


Beverly Hills Plaza Hotel πŸ‘

3. Order room service


4. Β Relax


5. Sleep in


6. Repeat



7. Get Glamorous


8. And be the talk of the town



Lady #1- “Love your shoes!”

Thank you!

Lady #2- “…You’re rich.” while walking out of Starbucks.

Rich?! Why, thank you!

9. Tour the town and SHOP!









10. Eat. Drink. Be happy!







Question: Who are you?!, you ask.

Answer: Me, myself and I.



Now, your turn.

How was your weekend?


The Romantics – What I Like About You

A forever favorite πŸ˜„



Torn Between Two L😍vers

On a day like today…


🎡 Rain, rain, go away

You just want to sit back and do nothing.  Nothing except eat some

And chill.

Did you know



Yet, work calls. 

Dolly Parton Nine To

🎡 Workin’ 9 to 5, 

    what a way to make a livin’

    Barely gettin’ by, 

It’s all takin’ and no givin’.

They just use your mind,

And they never give you credit.

It’s enough to drive you crazy if you let it.

~Dolly Parton

I’m torn…

🎡 Torn between two lovers
Feeling like a fool 

Loving both of you is breaking all the rules

~Mary MacGregor


Holidays Calendar




Gift? Or Re-gift?

Recycling, huh? It’s like de-cluttering your closets in your home. Okay. I like it!

NWA Motherlode

Well, actually 
Lemon Kissed

is accepting gently used shoes in exchange for reward points towards a new purchase.  Faaaaannnntassstic!πŸ˜„

Hmmm.  I went through my closet. What shoes have I not worn in a while? I found four pairs- two pairs of high heels and two pairs flates!πŸ‘πŸ‘

So, is it a gift or a re-gift? I say it’s both! 
Happy National Re-Gifting Day!

Now, time to fill the void in my closet with 🎡 a new love😍

Question: WHAT ABOUT YOU???