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Good night Sunday.

Hello Monday.

What a perfect way to end and start my day!


Let’s Rock!

Today, the day of ALL days! It’s my best friend!

Looking for the perfect gift?!

Well, here you go 😉

Rain or shine 

I got you covered 😀

Plus, it’s

So, snuggle up



Pecan I Said So!


 🎵 Magically Utterly Delicious 😍

Utterly Delicious Pecan Pie Recipe 👍

I’m not a fan of pecans, so I switched the 

OH, nuts! Bulk Pecans


Albanese Candy-Fancy Cashews

Pecan I said so! 😂 

And it did not disappoint. Utterly. Delicious. #Indeed


Seize the Day!

They say first impressions are lasting impressions.

So they also say  there is one day, ONE AND ONLY DAY, to find love. Hmmm. You don’t say? No, I don’t say! They say!😉

🎵love is in the air

According to
That one day, July 8th 👍, is the BEST DAY TO FIND ❤️ 
Well, speaking of love and air, #Viral #PlaneBaes

Rosey Blair @roseybeeme shared this #OneDay

🎤 let’s give them something to talk about 

🎤 How about love?

#Yas #SeizeTheDay

Did you??????
Love Is In the Air ~ John Paul Young

Something to Talk About ~ Bonnie Raitt

An Everlasting L❤️VE

Hello everyone.

My name is Chérie. 

I am the first born of the first born namesake of Phyllis 

And I am the first born grandchild of Phyllis and the late, great LeRoy 

I took a moment to look around the room. Recognize. 

I loved cooking with my grandma. She taught me her famous fried cabbage, red beans and rice, and an Egg-in-a-Nest. Oohs, aaahs, smiles and “YESSS!” affirmations filled the room.

I loved that she taught me how to bake grandpa’s favorite Pinapple Upside Down Cake 

And I love that she taught me Spanish.

Growing up, my grandma walked around the house talking to herself. “What did you say, Grandma?”, I would say. “Nothing. It’s just Spanish…” , she would say and continue talking to herself.

I wanted to know what she was saying! So, when I was in high school I decided to take a Spanish class. 

The first thing I wanted to learn how to say was hello to my grandma. Because she was my grandma! 

One day, I called her and surprised her. “¡Hola Mi Abuela!”  

(There was a gasp for air…) “¡HOLA MI NIETA BONITA! ¿COMÓ ESTÁ?!……”

And she was ‘off to the races’ they say.

“Woah, woah! Slow down grandma! I’m just learning!” , I said.

My grandma could not stop laughing. ( I could feel her smiling through the phone).

From that day, my grandma promised me to only speak Spanish to her.😄

We would never say goodbye. We would always end our conversations with  “I love you.”

So, the next thing I wanted to learn was how to say was ‘I love you ‘ to my grandma. Because she was my grandma.

As I choked back tears…¡TE AMO MUCHO MI ABUELA! ¡TE AMO MUCHO!

That was my speech when my grandmother passed. She turned 92 on May 23rd and she passed on the 30th. 


Here I come. 

Her favorite color, blue.

Her favorite flower, rose.

I drew these roses when I was young. By the new cursive handwriting , I was young! 😛

Once there,

#Starbucks #RightOffThePlane #YESSS




A week long affair…

My grandma lived a good life. 

Her book !!! I now have it. 😊

She was still doing Zumba up until right before she passed!😂


🎵 Doe, a deer, a female deer

(and her male companion) right outside our window!!!

My grandpa alwa had #ButterscotchCandy growing up! The funerals service set out a bowl of butterscotch candy without even knowing that information! #GrandpaWasThere 

My grandpa at his bar in the basement. Fyi, some of the items in the background were full of liquor. #Collector

My grandma crocheted these! #HotandHeavy #GoodTimes

Thank you to #EVERYONE 

#Overwhelmed #FullofEmotions

🎵 Loving you 

Is some kind of wonderful 

Because you’ve shown me

Just how much you care

You’ve given me the thrill of a lifetime

And made me believe you’ve got more thrills to spare, oh 

Everlasting Love ~ Natalie Cole

My Kinda Date 



but the 411. 

So, take
Three things that make Date Night #Good…

1) the food


2) the service 


#Thankyou  #Excellent


3) the company 

That’s #MyKindaDate

So, now that you got the


Go!  🎵 Jump, jump to it (Aretha Franklin)😉



Write On!

“So, how did it go?!” The day after a Date Night. A girlfriend would say to me. 

“Noooo!”, they would say. “Yes!”, I would say. “No!”  “Yes, it did!”  I felt like I was playing pinball.  Silence.  Then, we would both laugh. One of my friends said “You have to write this stuff down….”


#3.14Day  #PieDay



#IDid     #AndHereYouGo

By yours truly!😉

Sooooooo, here’s a sneak peak…..

Mama said. Mama said. Mama said. Mama said a lot when I was growing up.  When it came to opposite sex, she said “Men come in flavors. Chocolate and vanilla.”  

The Flavor of Love

All rights reserved by My Chérie Amour


Why?  Because that all you can say  to my dating life and experiences! 


A Hot Mess

This weekend I had some business to do in the city of San Fernando. #HiddenGem

And I came across 

#Crab   #Yum

It was almost empty. Hmmm. #Why

Nonetheless, #ForStarters

Then, the main course comes! 

😗 (Yes, my eyesight is apparently bigger than my belly at this moment).


Forks? Plates? #Nope  

She says to dump it on the table. #What 

The waitress says put this on ( It can get messy😳 )

Messy you say?, I think to myself.   YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME?! #BookPlug 😛

And, let me just say I was #Not dressed for this occasion 


I got 

next to me, sooooo #LetsDoThis

When all was #SaidandDone

More like #HotMess  #Yesss

#Live  #vicariously  #through  #others

#BeenThere  #DoneWithThat  #ByeByeByeBye



#HotMess  #YesPlease

Here’s mine  #ToGo

And then just when I was was ready to leave,

the San Fernando Trolly rode by! 😍 #Love 


I love you , but I got to go!

#SeeYouSoon  #SanFernando

Question: What’s a hot mess you will never forget????

I promise I won’t tell😉

Thanks, Buddy!

Last year on my business trip to North Carolina, #ILoveYou, I had the pleasure of meeting Buddy and wife, Leah. When our meal was served, we began to chat about food. And when dessert was served, we, of course, began to chat about dessert. Specifically, #Cake 😉

Buddy said he had the best pound cake recipe. I was all ears. The next morning, Buddy handed me a typed recipe for COLD OVEN POUND CAKE 😍

#Delicious    #ILoveIt

Thanks, Buddy!

Share this day with me 😀

Or, please share your favorite pound cake recipe!
#Sharethelove 😉