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Getting To Know YOU

🎵 Getting to know you
Getting to know all about you

Getting to like you 

Getting to hope you like me

So, it’s Date Night with a new boo! 

You want to get to know them, right?  You have a lot of questions you want to ask, right? For example, where do you work? How much money you make? Who do you live with? Where do you see yourself in five years? Right? 

Well, dating 


It is NOT!!

Quizzes are a moment in time. A moment of your time you cannot get back.  And it’s what you want to hear. Versus the truth. #WholeTruthAndNothingButTheTruth

So, #MakeGoodUseOfYourTime

Questions?  Yes.  Absolutely YESSS. 


Ask lighthearted questions that lead to another question and another #GoodToKnow answer.

Here you go 😀

Professional Development 



You have to be open to giving an answer to your own question.

My answers….

Aloe Vera


Retirement 😄

The Car ( Google it!)


Getting to Know You ~ Julie Andrews



Like A Good Neighbor 

But first, cocktails 

For starters…

Dynamite Chicken Wings!

And Duck Noodle Soup

Now, dinner is served!

Surf and Turf Fried Rice!

Ooh! Crab Fried Rice!

Make room for dessert😀





🎵 like a good neighbor….







EGGSalent day, wouldn’t you say?!😉

I received this egg plate as a gift years ago. It’s meant for deviled eggs, but I don’t make them that often. So, what’s a girl to do with this plate? #Repurpose #TahDah

And a great #potluck #4thOfJulyWeekend dish, too! 

It’s a n EGGSalent day, wouldn’t you say?!😄

Small Talk. Big Feeling.

“How’s your day going?”

“It’s going well.”

“Any plans for this weekend?”


“Celebrating Father’s Day at home?”

“My dad passed.”


This was my conversation with the cashier as I was paying for my items.

It didn’t dawn on me that the upcoming weekend was Father’s Day. Yes I saw the commercials and advertisement around me, but I didn’t connect to it. Until that moment. Instantly, I was numb. I know she was just trying to make #SmallTalk 

However, the #Feeling I felt at that moment was #Big.

🎵 Never dreamed that he Would be gone from me                                                                                                If  I could steal one final glance                                                                                                                             One  final step One final dance with him                                                                                                              I’d play a song that would never ever end.                                                                                                     Cause I’d love love love to                                                                                                                                    Dance with my father again

Dance With My Father ~ Luther Vandross