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What Would You (Pooh) ????

Catching up on my reading, I came across this article in the November issue of O Magazine ( Yes, I’m a little behind. But, let’s stay focused! Lol).  The picture with the “Unfriend” button first caught my eye. It was very intriguing to me and I began to ponder the thought for a long time. Then I saw the article.  The article was entitled Make Your Feed More Friendly.  So, I read the article.  Then, I began to think some more.

First, let’s talk about friends. You have your childhood friends ( the friends you grew up with), your family-friends (true like blue, thick or thin always there to the end), you’re acquaintance-friends (friends you very rarely see and/or talk to), your friends you love😍, your bestie/best friends (you guys are tight like spandex!), the friends you hate😡, your friend-enemies (can’t stand the sight of them, much less be around them!) and your social-media friends (people you know only online). So, does that make a difference? Is that important? 

Then, I began to think about the article. “It’s easy to see what others are doing and desire what they have.” Okay. I agree. Which then begins to make me think I don’t want to un-friend “others”, I want to be-friend them! I mean, 🎤 Getting to know you, getting to know all about you😄 That’s my new bestie! Then, I began to reflect upon the ending of the article and actually un-friending people because “…images we’re ogling…don’t depict the truth of people’s lives.” Hmmm. 

So, then I start to think what if it does depict their true thoughts, feelings and lives??  What if what you are seeing is not something your ogling, but something that makes you frown looking at it? What if your friend is constantly posting negative things? Whether it is  an original post of their own, a re-post of someone else or commenting on a post with the same negative, angry, and even condescending spirt?  Their views are definitely not your views, but you’re friends (Or so you say), right??? Do you un-friend them? Double hmmm.

Well, Pooh


  #NationalWinnieThePoohDay I turn to you. 

I know you have friends.

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Pooh, are thinking about my question or are you thinking about 

Yes, Pooh, I know you love eating 
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and when you’re all done, 
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full belly and all, you can’t help but 

sit and dream, 🎵 Dreamin’

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about honey. I get it. I’m the same way with popcorn. 

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Like a kid, 

I want to keep it for myself. 

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I get it, but let’s stick to the question at the moment. 

🎵 What would you do 


Question: What Would You Do (Pooh) ?????

Dreamin’ ~ Vanessa Williams 

What Would You Do ~ City High