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February 14th is Valentine’s Day.

🎶 Do you love me?

Valentine’s Day is all about love.

🎶 All this love is waiting for you.

It’s all about relationships making it or breaking up.

🎶 Make up to break up, that’s all we do. First  you love me, then you hate me is a game for fools.

But, what about other relationships?





🎶 Loving you is easy because you’re beautiful 

Now, my dear friend Suzie is going to help kick start a #GoodNight




🎶 I love LA Susie Cakes😍



You’re my

It Should Be A National Holiday!

Wake up (everybody) no more sleepin’ in bed…..
It’s 12am. I’m startled out of my sleep to loud music. What the….! I wake up to see…


Oh. This is music to my ears! And what do I see?! A super power breakfast! Why thank you, love! No time for sleep indeed. I need to get up, get dressed and start my day! I look in my closet. Scream. I have nothing to wear!
Happy, Happy Birthday Baby!

Or, so I thought. Nice. A new outfit for a new day…I got a New Attitude 😊
Let’s go! But, wait. I need to re-fuel. I need an energy drink….

Thank You!
Now, let’s get this day started! Hi-ho, hi- ho. A shopping I will go….

Whistle. Whistle. Hi-ho! Hi-ho! Hi-ho!
Here We Go Again….

You Look Good To Me!
I’m Too Sexy for my love….NOT! I’m sexy and I know it!😉

EXACTLY! AccessorizeYourSexy.com

But, of course!
Time for dinner. To my surprise, we arrive at The Odyssey restaurant with a candlelight dinner looking over the city. Aaaaaahhhh! I’m So Excited and I just can’t hide it! I’m about to loose control and I think I like it!
Wind, don’t stop me now….

But, wait. A birthday is not a birthday without a sweet treat!

Ok. Okay. Aaaaahhh! There it is….


This is going to be the Best Day Of My Life. My l-i-i-i-i-fe!
No! Scratch that! This WAS the best day of my life! My birthday, which I believe

IT SHOULD BE A NATIONAL HOLIDAY, is the only day I can be all about ME and get away with it😛

With the


and don’t forget the


Today Was A Good Day.
Time for bed


Q: What do you think should be a national holiday? And why?

Wake Up Everybody~Teddy Pendergrass
Happy, Happy Birthday Baby ~Four Seasons
New Attitude ~Patti LaBelle
Thank You ~Boyz II Men
Here We Go Again ~Ray Charles ft. Norah Jones
I’m So Excited ~The Pointer Sisters
You Look Good To Me~Cherrelle
I’m Too Sexy ~Right Said Fred
Bes Day Of My Life ~American Authors
Today Was A Good Day ~Ice Cube

Do Over

Have you ever heard the phrase “Do you”? I have a lot. What does that mean? Well, it means whatever defines, describes or outlines who you are, then so be it. Only you know what that really is, so be like Nike just do it you!
Cool. I’m feeling like Patti LaBelle I Got A New Attitude! I’m ready! I’m ready to make it happen from head to toe! I’m Looking For A New Love and try something new….new curling iron for starters.
If you’re going to do it, do it right. Right?

Let’s get started. But, wait. What’s wrong with this picture????


Wait. Where’s the handle?? I’m confused. Am I missing something??? So, I go (back) to the box. Still confused. So, now I pull out the instructions to read. I mean, who reads the instructions on a curling iron??? Me!!!! Well, what-ya-know! I didn’t get a new curling iron. To my surprise, I got a wand. A wand! What the hellicopter! Am I now a super hero and this “wand” makes me have super powers??? I wave the wand in the air. Nothing happens. Hmmm. I read more. I need a glove. Oh, no! Mister Bill!. A glove??? With the glove, I can touch the wand and wrap my hair around it. YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME?! I don’t want Shirley Temple curls. But, I guess that’s what I’m gonna get. I start looking inside the box thinking where’s the glove??? To my surprise, no glove. YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME?! I say to myself again. I am not doing it right or nothing right for that matter. Oy vey!

I realize, just like anything, pay attention. What you see is what you get. I got something different than what I wanted and needed. The same goes with what you hear. In actuality, what you hear is what it really is. The truth. And just like any relationship, friendship or companionship, pay attention. Do it! Do it right from the start.

Question: What relationship do you want to “do over?” Why?

Silver or Gold

Friends. How many of us have them? Friends. Ones we can depend on.. What about you? I like to believe I have thousands of friends on Facebook, twitter and Instagram . While I have been called a social butterfly, I can make friends easily. So, yes. I have a lot of friends, literally

and figuratively

In actuality, however, I have just a few close friends. One has always been by my side, one my right hand and one keeps me in my right mind. Who’s a real friend?, you ask. Well, a real friend is…

I’m not saying to beg and plead for people to be your friends.


Keep it movin’.

Nor am I saying to nit pick over how you believe they hurt your feelings and find 50 Ways To Say GoodBye.
Instead, if you have a true friend in your life, Hold On to them. People come and go, but true friends are few and far in between.
So wether you’re friends literally or figuratively, I’ve learned

Make new friends, but keep thee old. One is silver and thee other’s gold

. 😊


Which friend are you?

Friends ( Whodini)
Hold On (En Vogue)
50 Ways To Say GoodBye (Train)

Dating Survival Kit

In the event of an emergency,…you do A, B or C. Depending on the emergency depends on what you should do. For example, if there’s a fire you call 911 or in the event of an earthquake you are supposed to stop, drop and roll right? Basically, in the event of any emergency you should have a plan. They say if you fail to plan, then you plan to fail. Ok.

Well, this weekend my girl ( fabulous that she is!) created a traveling survival kit and gave to me what she called essentials for any destination. Interesting. I decided to take this to a whole new dating level….


100 GRAND: Money, money, mon-ney! Just in case you meet a cheap one!
TWIX: For ‘tricks’ up your sleeve, like having your own $ IF they are cheap!
SNICKERS: To always have a sense of humor, like you’re funny…& cheap!
SUCKER: They’re just a sucker for your love! LOL really? Don’t be fooled!
GOLD: Dreams do come true! Go for the gold!

Did you notice the first three essentials are chocolate?! Lord knows I love me some chocolate! Good lookin’ out! Thanks, girl!

So, the next time I travel step out I will survive! Hey-hey! (Sing it Gloria!)


Lord knows I love me some heels, too! Thanks MD! Good looking out as well.

Tell me what’s your must have for a date and why?

Terms & Conditions

Girl meets guy. Girl likes guy. Guy likes girl. Girl and guy become friends. Guy wants to become more than friends. Girl, however just wants to remain friends.
So, what’s a guy to do? Condition #1: He buys her a gift. A birthday gift. What’s a girl to do! You say? She accepts the gift! “We’re just friends.”, she says.
Condition #2: “I know you’ll buy me a birthday gift just as nice one day.”, he says. Yes! Next step, group date night! Girl agrees to go out with friends him.
Surprise. Surprise. The friends can’t make it. Darn. And what-ya-know….It’s a date! That’s what guy tells friends. “We’re just friends!”, girl says to friends. We’re more than friends”, guy replies. Girl is now in shock.
Terms of their relationship: If, then.. If I do this, then she’ll do that. If I say this, then he’ll hear that. Well, hate to tell you this, but actions speak louder than words! Actions ALWAYS speak louder than words! Always!

What terms and conditions do your actions say?