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ย What Are You Going To Get Me For Christmas?

Standing in the store waiting in line to pay…..

Boy says: “Can I get this please, Mama?”

The mother says: “You’re seven years old. What do you want with that?”

Boy says: Can I get something else?”

The mother says: “No.”

Boy says: “Can I? 

Mother doesn’t answer.

Boy says: “Can I walk over there and walk right back?”

Mother doesn’t answer.

Boy says: “I promise. Can I?”

Mother says: “Santa’s not going to bring you anything.”

Boy says: “What are you going to get  me for Christmas?”

Mother says: “My love.”

Boy says: “No. That’s not going to cut it.”

Mother says: “Excuse me?! ”

Boy says: “I don’t want that.”

Mother says: Excuse me?!”

Boy says: “What are going to get me for Christmas?”


Question: So, I ask you the same thing.  What are you going to get me for Christmas? How would you answer this question?????

Go Fish!

I used to love playing this card game. It’s such a simple match game and so much fun! Making someone “go fish!” By picking a card from the main pile made me feel like Beyoncรฉ. Who run the world? Girls! Yup. This girl.

Now-a-days, I’m “gone fishin’ ” as much as I possibly can! For example, I went fishin’ at Kings Fish House…LOVED IT! They have shrimp taquitos! Whaaat?! Never heard of them, you say? Me neither, until this weekend! Can you say d-e-l-i-c-i-o-u-s?! Delicious is not even the word! I liked them so much, I ordered another dish to go! And once the drinksย beverages came, I was delightfully entertained.


Or do you know the answer to this one…


Wait. There’s more…..


Afterwards, up in the club…


Lol (to infinity and beyond!). I can’t stand it. Hilarious!

QR’em or look them up @ http://www.kingsfishhouse.com

Question: Where have you eaten and had unexpected fun? Why?

1) Billy the Squid
2) Wasabi
3) Drop it a line