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Getting To Know YOU

🎵 Getting to know you
Getting to know all about you

Getting to like you 

Getting to hope you like me

So, it’s Date Night with a new boo! 

You want to get to know them, right?  You have a lot of questions you want to ask, right? For example, where do you work? How much money you make? Who do you live with? Where do you see yourself in five years? Right? 

Well, dating 


It is NOT!!

Quizzes are a moment in time. A moment of your time you cannot get back.  And it’s what you want to hear. Versus the truth. #WholeTruthAndNothingButTheTruth

So, #MakeGoodUseOfYourTime

Questions?  Yes.  Absolutely YESSS. 


Ask lighthearted questions that lead to another question and another #GoodToKnow answer.

Here you go 😀

Professional Development 



You have to be open to giving an answer to your own question.

My answers….

Aloe Vera


Retirement 😄

The Car ( Google it!)


Getting to Know You ~ Julie Andrews


I Don’t Know You!

You meet online. You like. You want to get to know them. So, how do you get to know someone? You exchange emails? No! You exchange phone numbers. You text. They text you back. You text, they text and you text back and forth. Why not call? ” I don’t know them!”, you say. Hmmm….

First comes love lust. Then, comes marriage sex and baby in a baby carriage meet the family and friends! Baby, come to me!! Sing it you two ( James Ingram & Patti Austin)! Let’s move in together?, they say. “I don’t know you like that!”, you say. R-i-g-h-t.

You know them. But, you don’t know-them know them.

So, again I ask how do you get to know someone?