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Let’s Be Frank 

 What does it mean when someone says “Let’s be frank?”  

Who is Frank?, you say.  No. I’m not talk about who is Frank

(Sinatra )

Frank, to me, is a gentleman, extremely charming in nature and puuure chocolate 😍 

I mean, he IS the perfect man for me!  I just love the man!  ‘Cause he treats me the way I want to be treated when I need to be needed. 

Some people say “He’s no good for me…” And I need to give him up.  Well, listen people….

I digress.

I’m not even talking about what ( or where), such as a place that serves 100% beef frank hot dogs.  I’m talking about what is frank?   Some say frank is being honest, sincere, and telling the truth,  frank meaning to be direct, straightforward and unreserved in speech coming from the late Latin word ‘Francus’, meaning ‘free.’  

As I am sitting here writing, an old episode of Extreme Couponing came on TLC.  A couple had been dating for a while.  She wanted to be engaged, but had a budget for him buying the ring.  They even went ring shopping together where she picked out her ring for him to buy later once they were able to save at least $500 on their next shopping spree.  Like a little puppy, he agreed.  Really?!  Girlfriend, how can you say you want a relationship when you control everything in the relationship…including the man. 😳  And boyfriend, come on now.  Get your balls  manhood back, boy!  Well, he must’ve heard me because he bought the ring without her, on his credit, and proposed to her at the end of the shopping spree with a handmade book of coupons (since she liked couponing so much) telling her how much he loved her.  That’s what I’m talking about, man!!!

So, when it comes to love and relationships let’s be frank!  Being frank doesn’t mean being  phoney or rude.  It just means you know what you want and going for it.  Name it, claim it and own it!  No matter what, where or who😉

Yo, I ‘ll tell you what I want, what I really really want

So, tell me what you want, what you really really want

Question: What is frank to you in a relationship? Why?

I Just Love The Man ~ Jones Girls 

Wannabe ~ Spice Girls 

Do Over

Have you ever heard the phrase “Do you”? I have a lot. What does that mean? Well, it means whatever defines, describes or outlines who you are, then so be it. Only you know what that really is, so be like Nike just do it you!
Cool. I’m feeling like Patti LaBelle I Got A New Attitude! I’m ready! I’m ready to make it happen from head to toe! I’m Looking For A New Love and try something new….new curling iron for starters.
If you’re going to do it, do it right. Right?

Let’s get started. But, wait. What’s wrong with this picture????


Wait. Where’s the handle?? I’m confused. Am I missing something??? So, I go (back) to the box. Still confused. So, now I pull out the instructions to read. I mean, who reads the instructions on a curling iron??? Me!!!! Well, what-ya-know! I didn’t get a new curling iron. To my surprise, I got a wand. A wand! What the hellicopter! Am I now a super hero and this “wand” makes me have super powers??? I wave the wand in the air. Nothing happens. Hmmm. I read more. I need a glove. Oh, no! Mister Bill!. A glove??? With the glove, I can touch the wand and wrap my hair around it. YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME?! I don’t want Shirley Temple curls. But, I guess that’s what I’m gonna get. I start looking inside the box thinking where’s the glove??? To my surprise, no glove. YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME?! I say to myself again. I am not doing it right or nothing right for that matter. Oy vey!

I realize, just like anything, pay attention. What you see is what you get. I got something different than what I wanted and needed. The same goes with what you hear. In actuality, what you hear is what it really is. The truth. And just like any relationship, friendship or companionship, pay attention. Do it! Do it right from the start.

Question: What relationship do you want to “do over?” Why?

Play Your Cards Right

I need x-y or z. So, I’ll take whatever I can get. Scratch that! I beg to differ. When it comes to dating and relationships, I want what I want and I’m gonna get what I want. Take that!

Ladies, Mr. Pitiful (Otis Redding) is not Mr. Right no matter how much they beg Baby I Need Your Loving ( Four Tops). Men, Stop! In The Name Of Love (The Supremes). You both know as well as I do, Something Just Ain’t Righ (Keith Sweat) and Once You Get Started (Rufus feat. Chaka Kahn), it’s hard to stop.

But you don’t understand, you say? Oh, no! I get it. It’s Complicated (Rihanna), you say? It’s Tricky (RUN DMC), yes. Not complicated at all.

So, don’t be Silly (Deniece Williams)! Play your cards right from the start!

What card are you going to play? When? Why?

What Are You Going To do?

The other night, I began to flip through the TV channels and stumbled across a new reality show called It Takes A Church. It’s a brand new reality dating show that takes place in the church community. This episode there were three male contestants and a young lady whom would choose two out of the three men to take her out on individual dates. After the individual dates, the young lady had to choose one of them to continue dating towards developing a serious relationship.

Contestant #1: A father with a young daughter and baby mama (drama????)
Contestant #2: Believes family comes first over spouse
Contestant #3: What’s his issue? Nothing. Just an all around good guy.

Who are you going to pick? She explains, contestant #3 is someone she would turn to for advice, like a brother. Contestant #2 said family comes first over your spouse; she disagreed and needed to know why he didn’t agree with her. Contestant #1, she wanted to know more about the baby mama. Hmmm, what’s his story.

So, what are you going to do girlfriend? Drum roll please….
Hit the road, jack, my brother, good guy, #3! Really? YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME! You say you would go to him for advice, right? Then, that makes him a good bad guy??? You only turn to good bad guys for advice, right ? After all, that’s why they’re good bad guys!! Oh-Lord-help-me-her-Jesus!

I’m thinkin’ it takes a church, a hope, a wish AND a prayer for you, girlfriend to find a mate! Good-googly-moogly! It’s madness I tell you. And there’s always a method to the madness! ALWAYS. Do you want a partner or a project when it comes to a mate???? Inquiring minds want to know.

Just like Zapp & Roger, I know it’s So Ruff So Tuff out here. But, you gotta Think, think, think like Aretha Franklin. When you feel the loneliness, lust Love like Musiq Soulchildyou can sing Sweet Love with Anita Baker and be ready to Co-Sign like SWV instead of being So Sick of love songs and so tired of tears like Ne-Yo, and letting anybody AND everybody hear you Roar like Katy Perry. Come on now! Get with the program!

Question: What was your dating/mate challenge and how did it turn out?