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Loving You

Last month, the weather and I were not friends. As soon as the holidays hit, I was hit with an infection.  Then came the sinus headaches. With a blink of my good eye, I was down for the count with migraines one after the other. 
And just when I thought I could see 🎡 somewhere over the rainbow, I now have an infection in my gums from my sinuses. Good grief.

🎡 I can’t eat, I can’t sleep anymore…. I wish I didn’t miss you anymore 
But, I do! 

Homemade biscuits 😍 🎡 Ready or not, here I come.

 I make a batch, then I have to taste-test ’em. Before I know it, they’re all gone! Ut-oh.

 πŸŽ΅here we go again…. 

Now,  I gotta make another batch because I taste-tested ’em all, right into my belly! 

Well, them plus 

Aluh kcupang coffee hot chocolate

I’ll take it!  πŸŽ΅ loving you is easy because you’re beautiful 

Oh, and Josie girl, Mind JO Business Blog, I got this 

and a spot on my sofa waiting for you. Sharing is caring, right?!πŸ˜‰ 


I cannot tell a lie ( Well, I could but won’t. Lol).  I love me some 

Recently, I found a new love….

🎡 I ‘m looking for a new love , baby

Noooo! It wasn’t even like that. It just happened…




Hot chocolate 



I mean it’s the next best thing since, well 

Hersheys Store


🎀 Loving you is easy ’cause you’re beautiful πŸ˜„ 

🎡 Jump, jump to it 

MY MAAAN (Morning, Afternoon And At Night), Here I come!😍  




Question: What new love have you discovered? And why do you love it like you do??

Loving You ~ Minnie Riperton

Jump To It ~ Aretha Franklin